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The staff at Wellspring

Who We Are

Founded by the late Dr. Paul Martin in 1986, Wellspring prides itself in providing counseling and care specifically designed to aid victims of coercion, exploitation, and abuse. Our treatment goal is to assist those who wish to return to emotional and psychological health after experiencing trauma.

After over 25 years of research into cults and high demand churches and hundreds of clients, we share a special empathy with spiritual abuse survivors.

Our office is located in Athens, Ohio, home to Ohio University. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains provide a tranquility and refreshment for our clients. Athens offers an array of affordable lodging, restaurants, and social activities for clients to enjoy while receiving counseling at Wellspring.



Wellspring’s work is done from a secular mental health perspective. However, because many of our clients have left Bible-based, pseudo-Christian cults, the Christian counseling perspective is offered to those who desire it.

Some Wellspring staff members have been trained in pastoral counseling, theology, and other seminary level coursework, and are available for educational workshops if the clients specifically request their assistance.

In over twenty five years of clinical care, Wellspring has provided services for many clients of different religious sects. Our staff has a wide range of beliefs and religious practices. When clients ask what religion or beliefs they should hold, the answer is always the same: "Your choice."

All religious practices are are respected while clients stay at Wellspring. When it comes to exploring or choosing not to explore spiritual directions, our atmosphere is one of safety and acceptance.