Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

We expect you'll have some questions about Wellspring.  Here are a few common ones:


• How do I determine if Wellspring is right for me or my loved one?

During the pre-visit phone interview and admissions process, our licensed, professional counselor will ask a series of questions that will help determine if treatment at Wellspring is appropriate.


• Will you help me get my loved one out of a cult or abusive relationship?

Wellspring does not participate in or plan interventions. There are exit counseling professionals who specialize in this process. We recommend you speak with them before determining whom you will hire and what strategy will be used. Wellspring does not condone involuntary interventions.


• How long do clients stay at Wellspring?

The recommended treatment program length is two weeks. However sometimes clients elect to stay three, and more rarely four weeks. It is our goal to help you through the treatment program at a rate that is comfortable for you.

Our workshop lengths vary between one and three days.


• Can I make my loved one come to Wellspring?

We are not an involuntary mental health treatment center. All clients have voluntarily agreed to come for outpatient treatment and can leave at any time of their own free will.

The only exception to this policy is if you are a custodial parent or guardian of a minor who might require treatment under special circumstances. Contact our office to learn more about the admissions process for minors.


• I’m already in therapy…why is it not working?

Many clients sought therapy but found it ineffective for the unique recovery issues that Wellspring addresses. After only one to two weeks in our intensive program, clients show remarkable improvement due to specialized treatment offered.


• What if I can’t afford it?

Before you decide there is no way you can afford treatment, please contact our Admissions Coordinator who will discuss options with you. Many clients, who were seriously suffering from symptoms, tell us that coming to Wellspring turned was the best investment they could have made. They wished they had done it sooner.


• Where is Wellspring located?

We are located in Athens, Ohio, the home of Ohio University.


• What do I do first?

Use our online contact form to request more information or call the office at 740-589-5600. Someone will answer your questions and get you started on your road to recovery!


• Why does Wellspring specialize in cults and psychological abuse?

Many years ago, our late Wellspring founder/director, Dr. Paul Martin received calls from members of an authoritarian group relating disturbing events occurring or being demanded by the leader.

In working with other colleagues and addressing a number of people victimized by spiritually abusive churches, it became clear that a retreat with outpatient clinical care and educational workshops for those suffering from cults and cult-like situations was necessary.


• How do I know Wellspring isn't a cult?

Do some homework! You can begin to explore cults and high-demand groups on our links page, or begin at your local library or bookstore. Those who understand the cult phenomenon understand cult dynamics. You will find we say the same kinds of things on our web site and in our informational materials as other cult recovery experts.

We've been featured in national and international media outlets, sought after as expert witnesses in high-profile cases involving cults, and participate in research with a number of universities and professional societies. Our counselors are licensed, in good standing, and members of professional associations.

We encourage you to check us out.  It is important to earn your trust!