Helpful links from our colleagues and friends:

Apologetics Index
Apologetics Research Resources on religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues.

Cult Information Centre
Info about recruitment and manipulation.

Cult Information Service
Education, support, and referral concerning destructive groups engaged in unethical or illegal practices.

Cult Recover
Cult and abusive relationship information with links to resources for recovery, created by Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C.

Ex-Cult Archive
General cult information, with links to critical sites as well as to sites maintained by cults themselves.

Exit and Support Network
This group supports former members of the Worldwide Church of God and its affiliate organizations.

Freedom of Mind Resource Center
The homepage of Steven Hassan, intervention consultant and author of Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People To Think For Themselves and Combatting Cult Mind Control.

The Heresy of Mind Control
An online book by Stephen Martin.

International Cultic Studies Association
Information on cults, cultic groups, abuse, and manipulation.  Research articles archived.

Lunch With A Sociopath 
A non-fiction novel about recovery after a cultic one-on-one relationship with an priest who used thought reform techniques.

MacGregor Ministries
An outreach to those trapped in cult groups. Information on individual groups and more.

Midwest Christian Outreach
Resources for articles and anti-cult literature.

New England Institute of Religious Research
General cult information, bibliography, links, and a lot more.

Paradise Recovered
An independent film depicting the life of a young woman in a fundamentalist Christian sect and the difficulties she faces in recovery.

Support connections for ex-members.

Information and resources regarding the International Churches of Christ (ICC, ICOC).

Rick Ross
General cult information from intervention consultant, Rick Ross.

Watchman Fellowship
Cult information from a mainstream Christian perspective.